5 Kitchen Area Remodel Tips For Tight Budgets


Master baths are a big deal to the people who have them. After a while though, they may start to become drab and outdated. The cost to revamp a whole master bathroom at one time can seem tremendous. It can also be inconvenient when the room is inaccessible for a while. One way to save some money is to choose one especially outdated piece and upgrade that to give the whole room a better look.

1. Painting

If old wallpaper or paint has the room looking dull, a fresh coat can really spruce things up in a big way. Choose one or two colors you love that will match the rest of the items in the room. Painting can also make out-of-date colorful tubs and toilets blend into the room better. This is a great DIY project to undertake for those who want to do the work themselves to save even more money.

2. Vanity Update

Vanities are especially helpful in modernizing a bathroom. Though this piece may cost a bit more than a fresh coat of paint, the end result will be well worth it. Since it is cheaper than a complete bathroom makeover, it may be just the thing to add new life to the room. Double vanities with vessel sinks and lots of cabinets are trendy and useful for storage. The mirrors can be separate or one long and elegant one.

3. Lighting

Never underestimate the power that light can create see here now in a room. By adding new lighting fixtures, a dull bathroom can literally be seen in a new light. Just a few tweaks to the electricity can brighten the whole look of the room. A person may want to add a chandelier over the tub for elegance or bright modern lights around the mirrors. A dimmer can be put on the lights to create even more click here to read ways to set the ambiance of the room

4. Heated Floor Mats

There is nothing more relaxing than stepping onto a warm floor on a cold morning. Heated mats are a less expensive alternative to heated floors. Creating a spa-like atmosphere, they provide the master bath with a luxurious feel even for those on a tight budget. When stepping out of the shower homeowners will be delighted with this inexpensive master bath upgrade.

5. Decor

The decor is a very cheap way to easily spruce up a room. Although themes are great, a classy and traditional look may go better in dated bathrooms. A person can choose decor that compliments any of the old styles to make the room look like it was meant to be that way. It can be surprising how much the bathroom can change just by switching out the shower curtain.

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